A Data Scientist's Guide to Start-Ups

  title={A Data Scientist's Guide to Start-Ups},
  author={Foster J. Provost and Geoffrey I. Webb and Ron Bekkerman and Oren Etzioni and Usama M. Fayyad and Claudia Perlich},
  journal={Big data},
  volume={2 3},
In August 2013, we held a panel discussion at the KDD 2013 conference in Chicago on the subject of data science, data scientists, and start-ups. KDD is the premier conference on data science research and practice. The panel discussed the pros and cons for top-notch data scientists of the hot data science start-up scene. In this article, we first present background on our panelists. Our four panelists have unquestionable pedigrees in data science and substantial experience with start-ups from… CONTINUE READING

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