A Daptive F Orm of E L Earning


Among classic and electronic forms of education, a new type is being considered – the individualised form of education. The main reasoning behind individualised education is to respect differences of individual students. This individualised form of education in connection with the ever-present ICT devices leads to a new form of education – adaptive eLearning: a form of educational process that is in harmony with individual needs of students. This article deals with the basic principles of creating adaptive learning environment; with the current conditions of this issue in the Czech Republic and abroad; and with the outline of possible solutions to the adaptive electronic teaching process. In the second half of the article, the structure of adaptive study aids is described in detail.

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@inproceedings{FORM2016ADF, title={A Daptive F Orm of E L Earning}, author={ADAPTIVE FORM and OF ELEARNING and Katerina Kostolanyova and Jana Sarmanova and Ondřej Tak{\'a}cs}, year={2016} }