A Cycle-Linear Approach to Modeling Action Potentials

  title={A Cycle-Linear Approach to Modeling Action Potentials},
  author={Pei Ye and Emilia Entcheva and S. Smolka and M. R. True and Radu Grosu},
  journal={2006 International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society},
We introduce cycle-linear hybrid automata (CLHA) and show how they can be used to efficiently model dynamical systems that exhibit nonlinear, pseudo-periodic behavior. CLHA are based on the observation that such systems cycle through a fixed set of operating modes, although the dynamics and duration of each cycle may depend on certain computational aspects of past cycles. CLHA are constructed around these modes such that the per-cycle, per-mode dynamics are given by a time-invariant linear… CONTINUE READING

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