A Cyanobacterial Gene in Nonphotosynthetic Protists—An Early Chloroplast Acquisition in Eukaryotes?

  title={A Cyanobacterial Gene in Nonphotosynthetic Protists—An Early Chloroplast Acquisition in Eukaryotes?},
  author={J. Andersson and A. Roger},
  journal={Current Biology},
  • J. Andersson, A. Roger
  • Published 2002
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current Biology
  • Since the incorporation of mitochondria and chloroplasts (plastids) into the eukaryotic cell by endosymbiosis, genes have been transferred from the organellar genomes to the nucleus of the host, via an ongoing process known as endosymbiotic gene transfer. Accordingly, in photosynthetic eukaryotes, nuclear genes with cyanobacterial affinity are believed to have originated from endosymbiotic gene transfer from chloroplasts. Analysis of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome has shown that a significant… CONTINUE READING
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    Chapter 2 Plastid Origins
    Plastid Origins
    2 . 1 Modern-Day Plastids and Their Genomes


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