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A Cultural DuetZitkala Ša And The Sun Dance Opera

  title={A Cultural DuetZitkala {\vS}a And The Sun Dance Opera},
  author={P. Jane Hafen},
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Expanding Interpretations of Native American Women's History

[GPQ 37 (Spring 2017):131–144] B in the 1980s, and continuing with renewed rigor during the 1990s, much scholarship has focused on the lives and writings of Native intellectuals, with an emphasis on



The Flight of Red Bird: The Life of Zitkala-Sa

Writer, lecturer, activist Gertrude Bonnin, also known as Zitkala-Sa, was one of the first and most important Native American reformers of the early twentieth century.

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  • Press Co., 1927), p. 237. The date of the publication is not concurrent with any known performances of the opera. Responses from the New York press to the 1938 performances include '''Sin Dance,' Indian Opera, Interesting but Could Use a Plot ... A request for a libretto provoked the reply from the
  • 1938

Pierre and Tilda Long Soldier, Walking in the Sacred Manner

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