A Critical Study of Technique for Measuring Granulation in Wheat Meal^

  • W . W . WoRZELLA
  • Published 2010


Meal granulation, or degree of particle fineness, is regarded as an important component of wheat quality and is of considerable interest to the miller, cereal chemist, geneticist, and plant breeder. A simple method, therefore, of accurately measuring meal granulation would greatly facilitate a more thorough study and analysis of this character. Although a number of studies dealing with flour and meal granulation have been reported, few data are available to show the steps in the procedure used in establishing a satisfactory technique. In a preliminary paper Cutler and Brinson ^ described a method for measuring granulation of whole wheat meal. Further studies have been made with a view to perfecting and standardizing this method. This paper, therefore, presents data emanating from a systematic study of the steps in the procedure evolved in establishing a suitable technique for measuring meal granulation. New equipment and the nature of meal fractions are also described.

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