A Critical Review on Kinematics of Hydraulic Excavator Backhoe Attachment


The Hydraulic excavator machines are heavy duty earth mover consisting of a boom, arm and bucket. It works on principle of hydraulic fluid with hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motors. The Hydraulic excavator backhoe operation require coordinated movement of boom, arm and bucket to control the bucket tip position by following a desired trajectory and to use the excavator machines effectively in the dark, sever weather, worst working condition, hazardous or unhealthy environment and dirty areas this can be achieved only through the automatic control of the hydraulic excavator machine. Controlling of hydraulic excavator machine is possible if the kinematics and dynamics of the excavator machine are understood. To achieve this goal different reviews related to kinematics of excavator machine are discussed in this paper which is helpful to doing the kinematic modelling of the excavator machine. Kinematic modelling is helpful for understanding behavior and improving the operating performance of the hydraulic excavator machine.

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