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A Critical Review and Synthesis of Research on Advertising in a Recession

  title={A Critical Review and Synthesis of Research on Advertising in a Recession},
  author={Gerard J. Tellis and Kethan Tellis},
Based on an extensive review of research on advertising in a recession, the authors identify over 40 related studies. Ten of these studies involve original empirical analyses of cross-sectional or time series data. The rest are theoretical discussions, reviews, cases, or opinions. The studies may be classified into four groups based on the dependent variable analyzed: 1) Sensitivity of advertising expenditures to the economy; 2) Sensitivity of brand versus private label share to economic… 
Should Firms Spend More on Research and Development and Advertising during Recessions?
Whenever a recession occurs, there is a heated dialog among marketing academics and practitioners about the appropriate levels of marketing spending. In this article, the authors investigate whether
The cyclical effect of advertising: Is reducing restaurant advertising appropriate in periods of economic contraction?
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide an understanding of the effects of advertising based on economic cycles. To comprehend advertising effects in the restaurant industry from an
Commitment to marketing spending through recessions: Better or worse stock market returns?
Purpose This paper aims to address two unique and important questions. First, how do recessions directly affect firms’ marketing spending decisions? Second, and more importantly, do firms
The economic approach of advertising and the problem of allocating advertising budgets during a recession
The importance of advertising has changed in many aspects in the last decade, and mainly during the last years of the economic crisis. Economics traditionally did not find advertising a valuable
In this paper we examine the historical time series of US advertising expenditure on different media, using a long-run equilibrium model, and whether the introduction of new media (TV, Yellow Pages,
The Unbundling of Advertising Agency Services: An Economic Analysis
Abstract We address a puzzle surrounding the shift from bundling to unbundling of U.S. advertising agency services and the slow pace of change over several decades. We model an agency’s decision as a
Expenditure trends in US advertising : long-term effects and structural changes with new media introductions
Historically US Media channels have competed to attract advertising expenditure from marketing. This has been a fierce battle, where, every few years, incumbents have been shattered by the
How small-medium enterprises leverage intangibles during recessions. Evidence from the Italian clothing industry
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to focus on how investments in research and development (R&D) and advertising affect the performance of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) during
Sales Drive Advertising Expenditures: Evidence for Consumer Packaged and Durable Goods in Germany
The relation between sales and advertising is both complex and diverse. Whether advertising activities drive orfollow sales is still unclear. We uncover this relation distinguishing between consumer


The brand manager's dilemma: Understanding how advertising expenditures affect sales growth during a recession
What is the relationship between a company's advertising expenditure during a recession and its sales? For many years, studies have found that increasing or maintaining advertising expenditure levels
Advertising and the Business Cycle
N THIS study of advertising and the business cycle the writer desires to bring earlier studies on the same subject up-to-date and to extend the research to new spheres.' Earlier studies have been
The Role of National Culture in Advertising's Sensitivity to Business Cycles: An Investigation across Continents
The authors conduct a systematic investigation into the cyclical sensitivity of advertising expenditures in 37 countries, covering four key media: magazines, newspapers, radio, and television. They
How to mitigate private-label success in recessions? A cross-category investigation
This study investigates whether managerial practice in correspondence with the business cycle is partly responsible for the intensified popularity of private labels in recessionary periods. First of
How Business Cycles Contribute to Private-Label Success: Evidence from the United States and Europe
The growth of private labels over the past decades has been attributed to various factors. This article formally addresses the link between private-label success and economic expansions and
Why Continued Advertising is Necessary: A New Explanation
Continued advertising seems to be a well-established marketing principle. But why should it be necessary? The answer lies in recognition of one characteristic of the decision-making process under
Advertising in a Recession
Advertising in Lean Times,
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