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A Critical History of Children's Literature

  title={A Critical History of Children's Literature},
  author={Miguel Anselmo Bernad},
Antibiotic-induced rat gut microbiota dysbiosis and salmonella resistance
Compared the effects of these antibiotics on the gut microbiota at normal doses, as well as to evaluate the differences in the results, rats were given two types of antibiotics, namely vancomycin and ampicillin and their oral and intestinal microbiota was observed at 3 time points.
Shakespeare and Education in the Lambs' Poetry for Children and Tales from Shakespeare
This essay discusses the role of Shakespeare in Mary and Charles Lamb's Poetry for Children (1809; Lamb and Lamb 1970) and Tales from Shakespeare (1807; Lamb and Lamb 1993), arguing that the Lambs
Peter Rabbit in the Garden of Terror: Patronizing the Reader in Picturebook Translation
Abstract: This study set out to compare Beatrix Potter’s classic picturebook The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902) and its Finnish translation from 1967. The analysis showed that the Finnish translator has
Detki v kletke: The Childlike Aesthetic in Soviet Children's Literature and Unofficial Poetry
Since its inception in 1918, Soviet children’s literature was acclaimed as innovative and exciting, often in contrast to other official Soviet literary production. Indeed, avant-garde artists worked
Outside Over There: My Book House Divides the World, 1919–1954
Abstract The rise of mass-marketed literature specifically targeting child readers is a significant if often overlooked piece of a larger historical pattern in which contending cultural groups
Fantasy this is appropriate for a post-modern text, being open to a multiplicity of interpretations. Their contemporary appeal is the return and celebration of enchantment through re-sacrilization.
The Portrayal of Teachers in Children's Popular Fiction
This study explores cultural messages about teachers and teaching, as delivered by current children's literature. Our findings confirmed that teachers are still portrayed, in text and picture, as