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A Critical Discourse Analysis of Donald Trump's Sexist Ideology

  title={A Critical Discourse Analysis of Donald Trump's Sexist Ideology},
  author={Abbas Degan Darweesh and Nesaem Mehdi Abdullah},
  journal={Journal of Education and Practice},
Language is not always seen as a neutral vehicle which represents reality. It is sometimes described as a tool which is drawn on to discriminate, insult, abuse, and belittle others. This is evident in the case of sexism which is seen as language that discriminates against women by representing them negatively or which seems to implicitly assume that activities primarily associated with women are necessarily trivial. Thus, language is described as a potential that is drawn on strategically by… 

Gender and charismatic power

Working beyond the inclination to inaugurate alternative theoretical traditions alongside canonical sociology, this article demonstrates the value of recovering latent gender theory from within

Negative Other-Representation in American Political Speeches

The present study has two aims: First, to investigate the way knowledge has been expressed in relation to the negative representation of the two categories, namely, immigrants (especially illegal

An Ideological Analysis of the Former President Donald Trump’s Tweets During COVID-19

The results of this research indicate that Donald Trump portrayed a positive us-group and a negative others-group, which are the typical strategies that former President Trump used to portray both groups.

An Analysis of Hate Speech Tweets Against Women from a Socio-cognitive Discourse Perspective

  • Noor Mehboob
  • Sociology
    University of Chitral Journal of Linguistics and Literature
  • 2021
The current study conducts a qualitative analysis of tweets based on hate speech directed at women in the Pakistani context using Van Dijk's Socio-cognitive approach (2016). The research's objective


The following thesis is an analysis of the political messaging used by pop singersongwriters Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift to construct their careers. Specifically, it focuses on how these two

The Representation of Women’s CEO Image in Online Media

The research focused on the representation of women in the news about the absence of women in Uber’s CEO candidates from the perspective of feminist stylistics by Sara Mills. Five news texts from

Case of Vengeful Woman in News Text: Sara Mills' Critical Discourse Analysis

Women are frequently underrepresented in the media and its content gives more favors to men. The discussion of the portrayal of women in news media cannot be separated from the values and ideology of

Sexism in Facebook discourse about clergy misconduct

Sexism and sexist ideology have significant negative consequences for female victims of sexual assault and other crimes. Thus, uncovering how language is used as a discursive tool for maintaining

A Crisis of Competence: Benevolent Sexism Affects Evaluations of Women’s Competence

People higher in benevolent sexism often outwardly endorse gender equality, but support men over women for challenging positions and experiences. Reflecting shifting standards (a tendency to evaluate



Ideological discourse analysis

Ideological analysis of language and discourse is a widely practised scholarly and critical endeavour in the humanities and the social sciences. The presupposition of such analyses is that ideologies

An ambivalent alliance. Hostile and benevolent sexism as complementary justifications for gender inequality.

The Ambivalent Sexism Inventory, first validated in U.S. samples, has been administered to over 15,000 men and women in 19 nations and shows that women, as compared with men, consistently reject hostile sexism but often endorse benevolent sexism.

More Than “Just a Joke”: The Prejudice-Releasing Function of Sexist Humor

The results of two experiments supported the hypothesis that, for sexist men, exposure to sexist humor can promote the behavioral release of prejudice against women. Experiment 1 demonstrated that

Methods of critical discourse analysis

What CDA is About - Ruth Wodak A Summary of It's History, Important Concepts and It's Development Between Theory, Method and Politics - Michael Meyer Positioning of the Approach to CDA Discourse and

Ideology and modern culture

L'A. vise a reconstruire les arguments de J. Thompson (« Ideology and Modern Culture », 1990) contre les versions theoriques qui proclament la fin de l'ideologie et a engager sa contribution au debat

Gender and Language: Towards a Feminist Pragmatics

1. Introduction 2. Feminist accounts of gender and language use 3. Language use and the generation of meaning 4. Language and performativity 5. Gricean pragmatics 6. Post-Gricean pragmatics:

The Practice of Critical Discourse Analysis: an Introduction

"The Practice of Critical Discourse Analysis is an introduction to the aims, principles and practices of critical discourse analysis (CDA). It is suitable for students of linguistics,

Language and Sexism

Our Language is bound up with our humanity. A language cannot be either good or bad, it is affected by the views and values of society. This is very apparent when we look at home the sexism in

Language and Gender

1. An introduction to gender 2. Introduction to the study of language and gender 3. Linguistic resources 4. Getting it said 5. Making nice 6. Being assertive... or not 7. Where common sense comes

Gender and the Career Choice Process: The Role of Biased Self‐Assessments1

  • S. Correll
  • Sociology
    American Journal of Sociology
  • 2001
This article develops a supply‐side mechanism about how cultural beliefs about gender differentially influence the early career‐relevant decisions of men and women. Cultural beliefs about gender are