A Course on Large Deviations With an Introduction to Gibbs Measures

  title={A Course on Large Deviations With an Introduction to Gibbs Measures},
  author={Firas Rassoul-Agha and Timo Sepp{\"a}l{\"a}inen},
Large deviations: General theory and i.i.d. processes Introductory discussion The large deviation principle Large deviations and asymptotics of integrals Convex analysis in large deviation theory Relative entropy and large deviations for empirical measures Process level large deviations for i.i.d. fields Statistical mechanics Formalism for classical lattice systems Large deviations and equilibrium statistical mechanics Phase transition in the Ising model Percolation approach to phase transition… 
Large deviations for some corner growth models with inhomogeneity
We study an inhomogeneous generalization of the classical corner growth in which the weights are exponentially distributed with random parameters. Our main interest is in the quenched and annealed
Averaged vs. quenched large deviations and entropy for random walk in a dynamic random environment
The rate functions of the level-3 averaged and quenched large deviation principles from the point of view of the particle are studied and the minimizers of thelevel-3 to level-1 contractions in both settings are identified.
Random walk in a dynamic i.i.d. beta random environment, conditioned to escape at an atypical velocity, converges to a Doob transform of the original walk. The Doob-transformed environment is
Large deviations and wandering exponent for random walk in a dynamic beta environment
Random walk in a dynamic i.i.d. beta random environment, conditioned to escape at an atypical velocity, converges to a Doob transform of the original walk. The Doob-transformed environment is
Large Deviations of Continuous Regular Conditional Probabilities
We study product regular conditional probabilities under measures of two coordinates with respect to the second coordinate that are weakly continuous on the support of the marginal of the second
A shape theorem and a variational formula for the quenched Lyapunov exponent of random walk in a random potential
We prove a shape theorem and derive a variational formula for the limiting quenched Lyapunov exponent and the Green's function of random walk in a random potential on a square lattice of arbitrary
Stochastic phenomena in deterministic dynamical systems: Introduction to statistical properties of dynamical systems
In this paper, we introduce some probability results in the study of statistical properties of dynamical systems. With the evolution of a dynamical system $(M,f)$, a function $\phi$ defined on the
On large deviations of trajectories of random walks under the Cramer moment assumption
In 2013 A.A. Borovkov and A.A. Mogulskii proved a non-standard large deviations principle (LDP) for the trajectories of a random walk in $R^d$ whose increments have the Laplace transform finite in a
Large deviations for empirical measures of mean-field Gibbs measures
  • W. LiuLiming Wu
  • Mathematics
    Stochastic Processes and their Applications
  • 2020
Large deviation principle for geometric and topological functionals and associated point processes
We prove a large deviation principle for the point process associated to k-element connected components in R with respect to the connectivity radii rn → ∞. The random points are generated from a


Quenched Free Energy and Large Deviations for Random Walks in Random Potentials
We study quenched distributions on random walks in a random potential on integer lattices of arbitrary dimension and with an arbitrary finite set of admissible steps. The potential can be unbounded
Large deviation principles for Euclidean functionals and other nearly additive processes
Abstract. We prove a large deviation principle for a process indexed by cubes of the multidimensional integer lattice or Euclidean space, under approximate additivity and regularity hypotheses. The
Large Deviations for Empirical Measures of Not Necessarily Irreducible Countable Markov Chains with Arbitrary Initial Measures
All known results on large deviations of occupation measures of Markov processes are based on the assumption of (essential) irreducibility. In this paper we establish the weak* large deviation
Convexity in the Theory of Lattice Gases
In this book, Robert Israel considers classical and quantum lattice systems in terms of equilibrium statistical mechanics. He is especially concerned with the characterization of
Some familiar examples for which the large deviation principle does not hold
For a class of Markov processes (in continuous or discrete time) we show that if the full large deviation holds for normalized occupation time measures Lt(w, ˙) with some rate function J, then the
Large Deviations and Applications
Large Deviations Cramer's Theorem Multidimensional Version of Cramer's Theorem An Infinite Dimensional Example: Brownian Motion The Ventcel-Freidlin Theory The Exit Problem Empirical Distributions
The Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Equation and Universality Class
Brownian motion is a continuum scaling limit for a wide class of random processes, and there has been great success in developing a theory for its properties (such as distribution functions or
Probability: Theory and Examples
This book is an introduction to probability theory covering laws of large numbers, central limit theorems, random walks, martingales, Markov chains, ergodic theorems, and Brownian motion. It is a
Large deviations for empirical measures of Markov chains
In this paper we obtain large-deviation upper and lower bounds for the empirical measure of a Markov chain with general state space, as well as for the associated multivariate empirical measure and
Gibbs Measures and Phase Transitions
This comprehensive monograph covers in depth a broad range of topics in the mathematical theory of phase transition in statistical mechanics and serves both as an introductory text and as a reference for the expert.