A Course of Plane Geometry for Advanced Students

  title={A Course of Plane Geometry for Advanced Students},
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THE first part of this work, on the straight line and circle, has already been reviewed. The present volume, which treats of conies, shows the same merit? of clearness, conciseness, and good judgment.For example, there is a fairly complete account of involution, which is by far the most powerful instrument for developing the properties of conies; and, in order to avoid, on one hand, a lack of rigour, and on the other a difficult theory, the author has frankly based his treatment on an algebraic… 
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Watt linkages and quadrilaterals
We define a Watt quadrilateral to be a quadrilateral with a pair of opposite sides of equal length. See Figure 1. 2. Linkages The Watt linkage (Figure 2) has equal-length cranks AD and BC, A and B