A Counterexample to the Finite Heightconjecturej

  title={A Counterexample to the Finite Heightconjecturej},
  author={B. NATIONBy},
  • Published 1996
By J onsson's Lemma, the variety VK generated by a nite lattice has only nitely many subvarieties. This led to the conjecture that, conversely, if a lattice variety has only nitely many subvarieties, then it is generated by a nite lattice. A stronger form of the conjecture states that a nitely generated variety VK has only nitely many c o v ers in the lattice of lattice varieties, and that each of these is also generated by a nite lattice. Initial investigations near the bottom of supported… CONTINUE READING


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Nation , Congruence normal covers of nitely generated lattice varieties

R. Freese M. E. Adams, J. B. Nation, J. Schmid, A. Day, B. J.
Canad . Math . Bull . • 1992

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