A Corpus-based Study of English Demonstratives This and That

  title={A Corpus-based Study of English Demonstratives This and That},
  author={Victoria B. Anderson and Byron W. Bender Emeritus and Benjamin Bergen and Derek Bickerton Emeritus and Robert A. Blust and Robert A. Blust Robert L. Cheng and Kamil Ud Deen and Patricia J. Donegan and Emanuel J. Drechsel and Michael L. Forman and John H. Haig Adjunct and Roderick A. Jacobs and Paul Lassettre and Phillip G. Lee and Patricia A. Lee and Howard P. McKaughan and Yuko Otsuka and Ann Marie Peters and Kenneth L. Rehg and Lawrence A. Reid Emeritus and Amy Schafer and Albert J. Sch{\"u}tz and Nicholas Thieberger and Laurence C. Thompson and Jinsook Kim},
The notes and articles in this series are progress reports on work being carried on by students and faculty in the Department. Because these papers are not finished products, readers are asked not to cite from them without noting their preliminary nature. The authors welcome any comments and suggestions that readers might offer. This study examines the use of the English demonstratives this and that by analyzing spoken corpus data. Despite the simple lexical meanings of the demonstratives, many… CONTINUE READING