A Contribution to the History of Chinese Dietetics

  title={A Contribution to the History of Chinese Dietetics},
  author={Lu Gwei-djen and Joseph Needham},
  pages={13 - 20}
M t /[ ODERN knowledge of nutrition and disease has brought the realisation that vitamins are essentials of a complete diet as much as the proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and that each has a function peculiar to itself, being essential for the maintenance of some normal function or functions of the body. Deficiency of any of the vitamins in the diet may result in ill health and even death. The League of Nations formed a special committee for the investigation of such problems, and its work is… 

Concepts of illness, dietry beliefs and food-related health practices : a study of health care professionals and the Chinese community in Britain

Investigation of the persistence of dietary beliefs and the concepts of health and illness in the older members of the Chinese community in Britain showed that traditional beliefs did persist amongst the 145 elderly Chinese interviewed and dietary manipulation played either a complementary or secondary role in the process of treatment.

China and the Origin of Examinations in Medicine

The evidence available indicates clearly that the European system of examinations derived from Arabic culture through the School of Salerno, and whether the physicians of + 10th century Baghdad could have been influenced by still earlier practices in regions farther East.

Jiao Qi disease in medieval China.

  • K. Fan
  • Education
    The American journal of Chinese medicine
  • 2004
There are problems with the historical materials, such as inconsistency and bias, and that limitations are inherent in the approaches used to identify an ancient disease according to modern medical criteria.

Frederick Gowland Hopkins

  • J. Needham
  • Psychology
    Perspectives in biology and medicine
  • 1962
It would be die greatest of honors and of pleasures for any biochemist to stand in my place diis evening, and for this assembly, in which others are most welcome, symbolizes the feeling of discipleship which all biochemists have for Frederick Gowland Hopkins, essentially die founder of modern biochemistry in the United Kingdom.

The Coming of Ardent Water

OF all the evocative names in the history of alchemy and chemistry none can be considered more striking than aqua ardens-the water that burns-for burning is an attribute of fire, not water. No one

Chinese system of food cures: prevention and remedies

The Chinese system of food cures: Prevention and remedies and the international information system AGRIS: International Information System for the AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY provide insights into this system.

Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins, O.M., F. R. S. (1861-1947) Centenary Lecture held on 20 November 1961 in the University of Cambridge

It would be the greatest of honours and of pleasures for any biochemist i t o stand in my place this evening. Although I am sure that most of my colleagues would perform this function much better and

Houses of Experiment: Making Space for Science in Republican China

This essay explores the scientific lives of two Republican-period institutions: the Henry Lester Institute of Medical Research, based in Shanghai; and the Chongqing No. 3 Children's Home. Despite

Ernährungstherapie in China und Perspektiven im Westen

  • Ute Engelhardt
  • Political Science
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Ganzheitsmedizin / Swiss Journal of Integrative Medicine
  • 2006
WÄhrend der letzten 30 Jahre hat in den westlichen LÄndern das Wissen Über chinesische Medizin rapide zugenommen. Eine der letzten Therapieformen, die den Westen erreicht hat, ist die chinesische



Vitamins (Cambridge, 1935), also Vitamins and Vitamin Defiriencies

  • 1935

Hu Ssu-Hui's book was reissued in printed form by the Shanghai Commercial Press in the series Kuio Hsiieh chi pen ts


      Vitamin B, and its uses in Medicine

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