A Contextualized, Differential Sequence Mining Method to Derive Students' Learning Behavior Patterns

  title={A Contextualized, Differential Sequence Mining Method to Derive Students' Learning Behavior Patterns},
  author={J. Kinnebrew and Kirk M. Loretz and G. Biswas},
  booktitle={EDM 2013},
  • J. Kinnebrew, Kirk M. Loretz, G. Biswas
  • Published in EDM 2013
  • Computer Science
  • Computer-based learning environments can produce a wealth of data on student learning interactions. [...] Key Method The core algorithm employs a novel combination of sequence mining techniques to identify dierentially frequent patterns between groups of students (e.g., experimental versus control conditions or high versus low performers). We extend this technique by contextualizing the sequence mining with information about the student's performance over the course of the learning interactions.Expand Abstract
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