A Context-Aware Healthcare Architecture for the Elderly

  title={A Context-Aware Healthcare Architecture for the Elderly},
  author={Tolulope Peter Oyekanmi and Nhat-Hai Nguyen and Vangalur S. Alagar},
In order to provide dependable healthcare services for the elderly, it is necessary to have a patient-centric system in which service automation dominates through the use of context-awareness. Healthcare service automation has the virtues to overcome the disadvantages arising from the disabilities that are inherent in the elderly population, physically challenged, and those who live in remote areas. In order that patients trust the healthcare services provided by the system, the creation of… 
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Elderly Health Care - Security and Privacy Issue
The current status of elderly care, their vulnerabilities, and challenges faced to offer them health care in total privacy and dignity are identified.
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A programmable service architecture for mobile medical care
  • R. Chakravorty
  • Medicine, Computer Science
    Fourth Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PERCOMW'06)
  • 2006
Early experiences with MobiCare show that it has the potential to become a feasible and a useful infrastructure paradigm for the next generation healthcare, thus reducing medical costs and improving the quality of patient care.
Mobile Phone Application to Support the Elderly
The Guardian Angel service on the mobile phone is presented, in order to monitor (unobtrusively) the health of the user on the move and alert the medical centre in case of an emergency.
Supporting Work Activities in Healthcare by Mobile Electronic Patient Records
The findings from a usability study of a commercial PC based electronic patient record (EPR) system at a large Danish hospital challenge the view of con-text-awareness being a universally useful paradigm for mobile HCI.
Context Inferring in the Smart Home: An SWRL Approach
This paper focuses on the context model based on an OWL ontology and then on the inference layer, based on SWRL rules language, and presents the current implementation.
mHealth Technologies for Chronic Diseases and Elders: A Systematic Review
The results of an evidence-based study of mHealth solutions for chronic care amongst the elderly population are reported and a taxonomy of a broad range of m health solutions from the perspective of technological complexity is proposed.
A security framework for mobile health data collection.
The SecourHealth is presented, a security framework for mHealth data collection applications designed to cope with six main security requirements, and the framework modeling and development steps showing how it was integrated into an application for the Android platform are described.
Security Models and Requirements for Healthcare Application Clouds
  • Rui Zhang, Ling Liu
  • Computer Science
    2010 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Cloud Computing
  • 2010
An EHR security reference model for managing security issues in healthcare clouds is described, which highlights three important core components in securing an EHR cloud.
Context-aware wireless sensor networks for assisted living and residential monitoring
AlarmNet is presented, a novel system for assisted living and residential monitoring that uses a two-way flow of data and analysis between the front- and back-ends to enable context-aware protocols that are tailored to residents' individual patterns of living.
A Framework for Developing Context-aware Systems
This thesis proposes a component-based architecture for a Context-aware Framework that would be used to bring awareness capabilities into applications and fulfills a formal approach to construct context-aware applications.
Security specification and implementation for mobile e-health services
  • R. Martí, J. Delgado, X. Perramon
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The description of the mobile e-health service MobiHealth, an application developed under the Mobi health project, cofunded by the European Commission, is included, focused on the security services added to it.