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A Content-Aware Sound Browser

  title={A Content-Aware Sound Browser},
  author={Douglas Keislar and Thom Blum and James Wheaton and E. Wold},
Science and Technology of Music and Sound: The IRCAM Roadmap
The roadmap for the research and development activities at IRCAM for the period from 2007 to 2010 is presented, through noticeably the introduction of the unifying notion of representation levels of musical information. Expand
Automatic Classification of Musical Instrument Sounds
We present an exhaustive review of research on automatic classification of sounds from musical instruments. Two different but complementary approaches are examined, the perceptual approach and theExpand
The CUIDADO Project: New Applications based on Audio and Music Content Description
The two main applications developed within Cuidado are described: the Sound Palette, dedicated to content-based access for large databases of sound samples for music and audio production, and the Music Browser, addressing new needs for content- based access to large catalogues of music titles. Expand
Automatic measurement and modelling of contact sounds
Under ideal circumstances the system produces accurate sound models, however, environmental noise decreases the accuracy of the estimation technique, and many opportunities exist for future work on this system. Expand
Experiments in computer-assisted annotation of audio
This paper describes a prototype audio browsing tool that was used to perform user experiments in semi-automatic audio segmentation annotation and examines the effect that this automatically suggested segmentation has on the user decisions as well as timing information about segmentation and annotation. Expand