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A Construction for Secret Sharing Scheme with General Access Structure

  title={A Construction for Secret Sharing Scheme with General Access Structure},
  author={Cheng Guo and Chinchen Chang},
  journal={J. Inf. Hiding Multim. Signal Process.},
Many efficient secret sharing schemes for general access structures have been developed in efforts to deal with the problems of multi-party computations (MPC), threshold cryptography, and access control. In this paper, we have proposed a novel secret sharing scheme with general access structures that is based on the key-lock-pair mechanism. In our scheme, the dealer can assess a real situation and design the corresponding access structures, Γ = (Γ1,Γ2, . . . ,Γm). The different qualified subset… 
Secret sharing scheme security and performance analysis
  • Aisha Abdallah, M. Salleh
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    2015 International Conference on Computing, Control, Networking, Electronics and Embedded Systems Engineering (ICCNEEE)
  • 2015
This paper analyzes the security and performance of three secret schemes which are the most common schemes for information dispersal used within distributed storage systems, namely Shamir's scheme, Rabin's IDA and hybrid scheme.
An Ideal and Perfect (t, n) Multi-secret Sharing Scheme Based on Finite Geometry
This paper has designed a multi-secret sharing scheme on the basis of geometry in Galois field that is ideal, perfect without information leakage.
A threshold secret sharing scheme, the Shamir’ssecret sharing scheme and proposing an alternative approach for secret recovery instead of Lagrange interpolation over finite field are described.
Secured Secret Sharing and Reconstruction Algorithm for Organizations
  • Bhawna Narwal, A. Mohapatra
  • Computer Science
    2018 3rd International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Informatics (IC3I)
  • 2018
A novel secured sharing and reconstruction algorithm which is based on Shamir’s secret sharing scheme and Schneider's Authenticatedsecret sharing scheme, which alleviates malicious insider attack and shares are encrypted to entrust the confidentiality.
A novel verifiable secret sharing mechanism using theory of numbers and a method for sharing secrets
This paper proposes a VSS based on Asmuth‐Bloom's (t, n) SS scheme, which depends on the CRT, and is simpler and more efficient than the scheme of Harn et al.
Breaking Mignotte's Sequence Based Secret Sharing Scheme Using SMT Solver
A new method for reconstruction of secret even with t-1 shares using the SMT solver is proposed and used Mignotte's Sequence based Secret Sharing for distribution of shares to the participants.
Secret image sharing with smaller shadow sizes for general access structures
Three polynomial based SIS schemes for general access structures (GAS) are proposed that can reconstruct the secret image perfectly without any extra information needed.
An authenticated group key distribution mechanism using theory of numbers
This paper points out that there are some security problems of Guo and Chang's protocol and proposes a simpler authenticated group key distribution protocol based on the Chinese remainder theorem, which is unconditionally secure.
A secure and robust group key distribution and authentication protocol with efficient rekey mechanism for dynamic access control in secure group communications
Detailed security analysis proves that the proposed group key distribution and authentication protocol for dynamic access control in secure group communication using Chinese remainder theorem (CRT) can guarantee the privacy and security requirements of group communications.


Ideal secret sharing schemes with multiple secrets
The extent to which the results that connect ideal secret sharing schemes to matroids can be appropriately generalized are explored and a general method of construction is provided for such schemes.
An ideal multi-secret sharing scheme based on MSP
Efficient sharing (broadcasting) of multiple secrets
It is shown that, with this relaxation of the security requirement, secret sharing and some related secret-sharing problems, such as cheater detection and secret broadcasting, can be solved very efficiently.
Secure Key Transfer Protocol Based on Secret Sharing for Group Communications
The concept of secret sharing scheme is used to propose a secure key transfer protocol to exclude impersonators from accessing the group communication and can resist potential attacks and also reduce the overhead of system implementation.
Strong (n, t, n) verifiable secret sharing scheme
Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing for Cloud-Based Key Management
This paper presents a formalization of the security of public-key encryption in the presence of PVSS, and presents a new scheme based on pairings which is much more efficient than Stadler's scheme and is actually the first non-interactive PVSS scheme proven secure in the standard model.
Ideal Multipartite Secret Sharing Schemes
This work presents a characterization of multipartite matroid ports in terms of integer polymatroids and applies the general results to obtain a complete characterization of ideal tripartite access structures, which was until now an open problem.
Hierarchical Threshold Secret Sharing
A perfect secret sharing scheme for threshold secret sharing in groups with hierarchical structure that uses Birkhoff interpolation, i.e., the construction of a polynomial according to an unstructured set of point and derivative values.