A Conservative Look at Operational Semantics with Variable Binding


We set up a formal framework to describe transition system specifications in the style of Plotkin. This framework has the power to express many-sortedness, general binding mechanisms and substitutions, among other notions such as negative hypotheses and unary predicates on terms. The framework is used to present a conservativity format in operational semantics, which states sufficient criteria to ensure that the extension of a transition system specification with new transition rules does not affect the semantics of the original terms.

DOI: 10.1006/inco.1998.2729

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@article{Fokkink1998ACL, title={A Conservative Look at Operational Semantics with Variable Binding}, author={Wan Fokkink and Chris Verhoef}, journal={Inf. Comput.}, year={1998}, volume={146}, pages={24-54} }