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A Consequential Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Seitan and Beef

  title={A Consequential Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Seitan and Beef},
  author={Andrew Berardy},

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. Life cycle assessment (LCA) of food indicates that plant-based diets have lower impacts on the environment than those which include meat. However, such conclusions are based on a narrow



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A strict vegan diet would nearly halve the agricultural GHG emissions, but reduction of the total emissions would be about 8%, which would require large-scale changes among the entire population.

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The study clearly shows that consequential LCAs are quite easy to handle, even though it has been necessary to include production of palm oil, rapeseed and spring barley, as these production systems are affected by the soybean oil co-product.

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Dearth of derogatory discourses of veganism in UK national newspapers is interpreted as evidence of the cultural reproduction of speciesism, through which veganism is dissociated from its connection with debates concerning nonhuman animals' rights or liberation.

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It is suggested that dietary shift can be a more effective means of lowering an average household's food-related climate footprint than "buying local" and achieves more GHG reduction than buying all locally sourced food.