A Concise Measure of Subjective Well-Being(COMOSWB): Scale Development and Validation

  title={A Concise Measure of Subjective Well-Being(COMOSWB): Scale Development and Validation},
  author={Eunkook M. Suh and Jaisun Koo},
Influence of Fatigue, Health Perception, and Happiness on Health Promoting Behaviors among General Hospital Nurses
Happiness and economic level, which accounted for 24% of the variance, were significant predictors influencing health promoting behavior in clinical nurses and it is necessary to develop a program that can raise the happiness considering the economic level.
A Study on Happiness of Nursing Students
The results suggest that development of program to improve happiness of nursing students should be considered.
The health status, aging anxiety, social networking, generativity, and happiness of late middle-aged adults
  • H. Chang
  • Medicine
    The Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education
  • 2021
This study will be used as basic data when developing a nursing intervention program for successful aging by identifying factors that affect the happiness of late middle-aged adults.
Associations of Vocational Calling, Emotional Intelligence, and Major Commitment with the Happiness of Nursing Students: Focusing on Mediating Effects of Major Commitment
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the impacts of vocational calling, emotional intelligence, and major commitment on nursing college students’ happiness. This study also was
Impact of Life Stress on Depression, Subjective Well-being and Psychological Well-being in Nursing Students: Mediation Effects of Coping
This study was conducted to investigate the mediating effects of coping on the impact of life stress on depression, subjective well-being and psychological well-being in nursing students. Self-report
The Effects of Gratitude Enhancement Program on Psycho-social and Physical Health of Chronic Schizophrenia
This Gratitude Enhancement Program can be a good nursing intervention to improve self-esteem, interpersonal relationship, gratitude disposition, and subjective happiness for chronic schizophrenia patients.
The Moderating Effects of Age on the Relationships of Self‐Compassion, Self‐Esteem, and Mental Health
This study investigated the interactive effects of self-compassion, self-esteem, and age on mental health. Numerous previous studies have found that self-compassion has a significant positive
Factors influencing the happiness index of elderly patients hospitalized in nursing hospitals Convergence Research
Both direct and indirect economic conditions were found to have a significant effect, and hospitalization period only had indirect effects through helplessness and nursing satisfaction, so an integrated management system, such as support system support and nursing intervention, suitable for each individual situation is needed.
The mediating effect of resilience on happiness of advanced lung cancer patients
It is suggested that the stigma of advanced lung cancer patient can be overcome with enough resilience, and patients may experience happiness during treatment, indicating a mediating effect of resilience.
Comparisons of Self-esteem, Interpersonal Relationship, Happiness, and College Adjustment in Nursing Students by Type D Personality
The purpose of study was to examine and compare the self-esteem, interpersonal relationship, happiness, and college adjustment between Type D and non-Type D personality among nursing students.