A Concise History of Chinese Psychology of Religion

  title={A Concise History of Chinese Psychology of Religion},
  author={Liqing Lu and Jinhua Ke},
  journal={Pastoral Psychology},
The history of religious thought and the history of human thought are closely interrelated, so the study of Chinese psychology of religion should pay attention to the study of Chinese history. In this paper, we summarize the history of Han Chinese psychology of religion in three stages from the perspectives of the history of Chinese thought, the history of Chinese religion, and the history of Chinese psychology. In the accumulation stage during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods… 
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Psychology of Religion in China
While the discipline of psychology in China is over a century old, psychological understandings of human cognition and personality are apparent in the writings of Confucius (551-479 BCE), Mencius


Lectures on the origin and growth of religion : as illustrated by the religions of India : the Hibbert lectures, delivered in the chapter house, Westminster Abbey, in April, May, and June, 1878
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