A Concise History of Bosnia

  title={A Concise History of Bosnia},
  author={C. Carmichael},
1. Introduction 2. Bosnia, Herzegovina and the Ottoman empire (1463-1912) 3. Rebellion, war and the Habsburgs (1875-1918) 4. Royalist Yugoslavia, the independent state of Croatia and the Second World War (1918-45) 5. Bosnia and the communist experiment 6. Bosnian independence, war and genocide 7. Conclusion: 'unmixing' Bosnia and Herzegovina Bibliography Index. 
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In ( k ) scribed Identities : A Sociological Analysis of Catholic
For centuries, a number of Catholic Croat women from the territory of modern day Bosnia and Herzegovina have participated in a traditional form of tattooing. Rooted in the socio-political contextExpand
Local Identity of the Sephardim in Sarajevo
In this chapter on the Sephardim’s local identity, I focus on the Sephardic community in present- day Sarajevo and my interviewees’ perceptions on belonging to the city. I develop hypotheses inExpand
A Transformation of the Sephardic Communities and Sarajevo Sephardic Attitudes Toward Yugoslavia, Spain and Israel
To set the stage for my analysis of contemporary data, this chapter first draws a historical sketch of the identity creating factors ‘Spain,’ ‘Yugoslavia’ and ‘Israel.’ Further, this chapter containsExpand
Domestic entanglements: Family, state, hierarchy, and the Hobbesian state of nature
Abstract This article revisits the Hobbesian account of the state of nature and the formation of states, attending to Hobbes’s account of the family. Drawing on feminist readings, we find in theExpand
Bosnien und Herzegowinas wechselhafte Geschichte: Ein Überblick
Um die Entstehung und Ausformung des heute bestehenden Bosnien und Herzegowina besser zu verstehen, werden in diesem Uberblickstext die wichtigsten Entwicklungsetappen in der Geschichte des LandesExpand


Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Polity on the Brink
Preface Introduction 1. The Roots of Conflict 2. The Dissolution of Yugoslavia 3. Post-Cold War and Domestic Politics and Political Prospects 4. Bosnia's Economic Performance and Outlook 5. Bosnia'sExpand
Bosnia And Herzegovina In The Second World War
1. German and Italian Occupiers 2. The Independent State of Croatia (NDH) 3. The Chetnik Movement of Draza Mihailovic? 4. Bosnian Muslim Policies 5. The Partisan Movement
History Of The Balkans
List of maps Preface Introduction Part I. War and National Consolidation, 1887-1941: 1. The Balkan national monarchies 2. The dual monarchy: Austria-Hungary from 1867 to 1914 3. The end of OttomanExpand
Bosnia-Herzegovina: The End of a Legacy
Part 1 The ruling system: society and economy in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1945-1980 politics in the 1970s the party and the population. Part 2 The end of strong rule: broader origins of problems theExpand
Serbia and Yugoslavia – the relationship
This article analyses the relationship of Serbia to the concept of a union of the South Slavs, from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the setting up of the Yugoslav state in 1918. ItExpand
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In "Bosnia and Hercegovina: A Tradition Betrayed, " Donia and Fine Shatter the myth that the former Yugoslavia has been plunged into civil strife by the end of the Cold War. To prove this point theyExpand
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When the Roman Empire split in the 4th century AD into the Western and Eastern empires, the boundary between the two stretched from the Montenegrin coast up the river Drina to the confluence of theExpand
Utopias of nation : local mass killing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1941-42
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Yugoslavia as History: Twice there was a Country
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Sarajevo: A Bosnian Kaleidoscope
List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Pronunciation Guide Introductions 1.Meeting and Greeting the City 2. Practices of Place: Living in and Enlivening Sarajevo Bosniacs, Croats, and Serbs: TheExpand