A Computing Environment for Spatial Data Analysis in the Microelectronics Industry


Winter 1997 Introduction Manufacturing processes in many high-tech industries are becoming increasingly complex. One manifestation of this complexity is the need to collect and analyze vast amounts of data for monitoring and control. Typically, however, effective strategies for extracting useful information from these data require sophisticated computing tools. In the context of semiconductor manufacturing, for example, a successful program of process improvement must routinely analyze large quantities of intrinsically spatial data. This paper focuses mainly on the incorporation of this spatial structure into the analysis of data collected during the fabrication of integrated circuits and other microelectronic devices. However, our approach to software development could easily be applied to other situations that call for the routine analysis of highly structured data, as in the manufacture of optical fiber, flatpanel displays, hard disk platens, and circuit boards. The fabrication of integrated circuits (or chips) is a costly process involving hundreds of separate steps and lasting up to two months. Several hundred chips are fabricated simultaneously on a wafer, and the wafers themselves are processed in groups called lots. Each week, thousands of wafers enter production in Lucent Technologies’ Microelectronics manufacturing facilities. As these wafers progress along the production line, large amounts of data are collected about each wafer, including shop flow information and the results of various in-line measurements. After processing is completed, each chip on every wafer is subjected to a number of functionality tests and is declared either good or defective. This last type of data is called final probe data. Very few of the manufacturing processes leading to these final probe tests have uniform effects on all ♦ A Computing Environment for Spatial Data Analysis in the Microelectronics Industry Mark H. Hansen and David A. James

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