A Comprehensive Perturbative Formalism for Phase Mixing in Perturbed Disks. I. Phase Spirals in an Infinite, Isothermal Slab

  title={A Comprehensive Perturbative Formalism for Phase Mixing in Perturbed Disks. I. Phase Spirals in an Infinite, Isothermal Slab},
  author={Uddipan Banik and Martin D. Weinberg and Frank C. van den Bosch},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
Galactic disks are highly responsive systems that often undergo external perturbations and subsequent collisionless equilibration, predominantly via phase mixing. We use linear perturbation theory to study the response of infinite isothermal slab analogs of disks to perturbations with diverse spatiotemporal characteristics. Without self-gravity of the response, the dominant Fourier modes that get excited in a disk are the bending and breathing modes, which, due to vertical phase mixing, trigger… 



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