A Comprehensive Evaluation of Potential Lung Function Associated Genes in the SpiroMeta General Population Sample

  title={A Comprehensive Evaluation of Potential Lung Function Associated Genes in the SpiroMeta General Population Sample},
  author={Ma'en Obeidat and Louise V Wain and Nick Shrine and Noor A. Kalsheker and Mar{\'i}a Soler Artigas and Emmanouela Repapi and Paul R. Burton and Toby Johnson and Adaikalavan Ramasamy and Jing Hua Zhao and Guangju Zhai and Jennifer E Huffman and Veronique Vitart and Eva Albrecht and Wilmar Igl and A Hartikainen and Anneli Pouta and Gemma Cadby and Jennie Hui and Lyle John Palmer and David Hadley and Wendy L. Mcardle and Alicja R. Rudnicka and In{\^e}s Barroso and Ruth J. F. Loos and Nicholas J Wareham and Massimo Mangino and Nicole Soranzo and Tim D. Spector and Sven Gl{\"a}ser and Georg Homuth and Henry V{\"o}lzke and Panagiotis Deloukas and Raquel Granell and John B. Henderson and Ivica Grkovi{\'c} and Stipan Jankovi{\'c} and Lina Zgaga and Ozren Pola{\vs}ek and Igor Rudan and Alan F. Wright and Harry Campbell and Sarah H Wild and James F Wilson and Joachim Heinrich and Medea Imboden and Nicole Probst-Hensch and Ulf Gyllensten and {\AA}sa Johansson and Ghazal Zaboli and L Mustelin and Taina Rantanen and Ida Surakka and Jaakko M Kaprio and Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin and Caroline Hayward and David M. Evans and Beate Koch and Arthur William Musk and Paul I P Elliott and David P. Strachan and Martin D Tobin and Ian Sayers and Ian P Hall and SpiroMeta Consortium},
  booktitle={PloS one},
RATIONALE Lung function measures are heritable traits that predict population morbidity and mortality and are essential for the diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Variations in many genes have been reported to affect these traits, but attempts at replication have provided conflicting results. Recently, we undertook a meta-analysis of Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) results for lung function measures in 20,288 individuals from the general population (the SpiroMeta… CONTINUE READING


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