A Compositional Petri Net Semantics for SDL


In this paper a compositional high-level Petri net semantics for SDL (Speciication and Description Language) is presented. Emphasis is laid on the modelling of dynamic creation and termination of processes and of procedures { features, which are, for instance, essential for typical client-server systems. In a preliminary paper we have already shown that we are able to usèstate of the art' veriication techniques by basing our approach on M-nets (an algebra of high-level Petri nets). Therefore, this paper concentrates on the details of the semantics. A distinctive feature of the presented solution is that thèinnnite case' (innnitely many concurrent process and procedure instances as well as unbounded capacities of input queues and channels) is covered.

DOI: 10.1007/3-540-69108-1_9

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