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A Complete Bibliography of the Journal of Statistical Physics: 2000{2009

  title={A Complete Bibliography of the Journal of Statistical Physics: 2000\{2009},
  author={Nelson H. F. Beebe},
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A Bibliography of Publications of Nelson H. F. Beebe
This bibliography records publications of Nelson H. F. Beebe. Title word cross-reference #1 [68]. #2 [99, 184]. #3 [100, 186]. #4 [115, 192]. #5 [117, 195]. #6 [201]. #7 [210]. #8 [223]. 10 [49]. +


The Parafermionic Observable in SLE
The parafermionic observable has recently been used by number of authors to study discrete models, believed to be conformally invariant and to prove convergence results for these processes to SLE
Asymptotics for the Covariance of the Airy2 Process
It is proved that it is possible to represent any order asymptotic approximation as a polynomial and integrals of the Painlevé II function q and its derivative q′ and for up to tenth order this is given as a linear combination of the Tracy-Widom GUE density function f2 and its derivatives.
Singular SRB Measures for a Non 1–1 Map of the Unit Square
We consider a map of the unit square which is not 1–1, such as the memory map studied in Góra (Statistical and deterministic dynamics of maps with memory, http://arxiv.org/abs/1604.06991). Memory
The q-PushASEP: A New Integrable Model for Traffic in 1+1 Dimension
We introduce a new interacting (stochastic) particle system q-PushASEP which interpolates between the q-TASEP introduced by Borodin and Corwin (see arXiv:1111.4408, and also arXiv:1207.5035;
Erratum on “On Some Properties of Kinetic and Hydrodynamic Equations for Ineleastic Interactions”
This note corrects the strong form of the pseudo-Maxwellian collision integral given in ref. 1. The correction does not change main results of ref. 1 (Sections 3–8) based on the weak form of the
The Susceptibility of the Square Lattice Ising Model: New Developments
We have made substantial advances in elucidating the properties of the susceptibility of the square lattice Ising model. We discuss its analyticity properties, certain closed form expressions for
Limit Laws and Recurrence for the Planar Lorentz Process with Infinite Horizon
Abstract As Bleher (J. Stat. Phys. 66(1):315–373, 1992) observed the free flight vector of the planar, infinite horizon, periodic Lorentz process {Sn∣n=0,1,2,…} belongs to the non-standard domain of
Erratum to: On Rank Driven Dynamical Systems
In the article “On Rank Driven Dynamical Systems”, by J. J. P. Veerman and F. J. Prieto, Journal of Statistical Physics, 156:455–472 (2014), the following two errata were detected: • In Theorem 2,
Commentary to: Oriented Percolation in One-Dimension 1/|x−y|2 Percolation Models
The main result of the article (Theorem 1.1) is the occurrence of oriented percolation for the independent edge percolation model on Z, with occupation probabilities p{x,y} = 1 − exp(−β/|x − y|2) if
Negative and Nonlinear Response in an Exactly Solved Dynamical Model of Particle Transport
We consider a simple model of particle transport on the line ℝ defined by a dynamical map F satisfying F(x+1)=1+F(x) for all x∈ ℝ and F(x)=ax+b for |x|<1/2. Its two parameters a (“slope”) and b