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A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Numerische Mathematik (2020–2029)

  title={A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Numerische Mathematik (2020–2029)},
  author={N. H. Beebe},
acoustic [CWHMB21, ER20]. adapted [GJT20]. Adaptive [EMPS20, FPT20, HPSV21]. ADMM [GSY20]. algebraic [HPSV21]. algorithm [Ber20, HLW20, LO20, NSD20]. algorithms [HJK21, HPSV21, LL21, Loi20]. Ampère [Ber20]. Analysis [Liu21, XY21, BCD20, BDK20, CHL21a, CZ21, CK20, HL20a, Nat20a, Nat20b, SMS20]. anisotropic [Kop20]. anti [dAFR20]. anti-Gauss [dAFR20]. application [BCG20, DJC20, HL21a, HL21b, RLK20, XY21]. applications [LL21]. 
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A Bibliography of Publications of Nelson H. F. Beebe
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A generalized duality method for solving variational inequalities Applications to some nonlinear Dirichlet problems
This article presents a generalization of the Bermúdez-Moreno algorithm that allows the use of very general operators as parameters, and applies the results developed to some boundary value problems involving the p-Laplacian operator, where it is shown that theUse of matrix-valued parameters improves the convergence of the algorithm. Expand
Efficient Filon-type methods for (∫abf(x), eiωg(x), dx)
  • S. Xiang
  • Computer Science
  • Numerische Mathematik
  • 2007
Based on the transformation y = g(x), some new efficient Filon-type methods for integration of highly oscillatory function ∫ b a f (x) e iωg(x) dx with an irregular oscillator are presented. One is aExpand
Smolyak cubature of given polynomial degree with few nodes for increasing dimension
  • K. Petras
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Numerische Mathematik
  • 2003
This work investigates how to obtain Smolyak cubature formulae with a given degree of polynomial exactness and the asymptotically minimal number of nodes for increasing dimension d and obtain their characterization for a subset of Smolyaks. Expand
A new algorithm for meromorphic Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation
It is shown how to construct the unique interpolating function Bk∈H∞k, Bk(zj)=wj, of minimal essential supremum norm on ∂D by solving an eigenvalue problem defined by the interpolation data. Expand
Error analysis of an enhanced DtN-FE method for exterior scattering problems
The key tools in the analysis include a new theorem on the analyticity of the DtN map in a suitable Sobolev space, and another on the perturbation of non-self-adjoint Fredholm operators. Expand
Euler–Maclaurin expansions for integrals with endpoint singularities: a new perspective
  • A. Sidi
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Numerische Mathematik
  • 2004
A new perspective on Euler–Maclaurin expansions of (offset) trapezoidal rule approximations of the finite-range integrals I[f]=∫baf(x),dx, where f ∈ C∞(a,b) but can have general algebraic-logarithmic singularities at one or both endpoints. Expand
Stieltjes Polynomials and Gauss-Kronrod Quadrature for Jacobi Weight Functions
It is demonstrated that for the parameters satisfying min(β)≥0 and max(α,β)>5/2 the Stieltjes polynomial has only few real zeros and that Gauss-Kronrod quadrature is not possible. Expand
Error estimates for a mixed finite element discretization of some degenerate parabolic equations
The features of the MFEM, especially of the lowest order Raviart–Thomas elements, are now fully exploited in the proof of the convergence of the scheme, and are derived in terms of the discretization parameters. Expand
Error analysis of a mixed finite element method for the Cahn-Hilliard equation
It is shown that all error bounds depend on only in some lower polynomial order for small ɛ, and convergence of the fully discrete finite element solution to the solution of the Hele-Shaw (Mullins-Sekerka) problem is proved. Expand
Localization of the Aronszajn-Slobodeckij norm and application to adaptive boundary element methods Part II. The three-dimensional case
  • B. Faermann
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Numerische Mathematik
  • 2002
New local a-posteriori error indicators for the Galerkin discretization of three-dimensional boundary integral equations are introduced, based on local norms of the computable residual, and can be used for controlling the adaptive refinement. Expand