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A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Synthese, 2020–2029

  title={A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Synthese, 2020–2029},
  author={Nelson H. F. Beebe}
Abduction [336]. Abductive [11, 124]. ability [143]. Absence [188]. absences [233]. absurdity [154]. Acceptable [18]. accepting [120]. account [81, 169, 129, 13, 196, 168]. across [35]. Action [271, 191, 112, 167]. Action-based [271]. actions [62, 309]. active [220]. activist [298]. actual [108]. adequacy [334]. advanced [227]. adverbial [6, 194, 69]. adverbialist [301]. Affect [223, 99]. affective [152]. affective-evaluative [152]. again [226]. Against [249, 210, 3, 230, 317]. agency [251, 262… 



On denying presuppositions

Using a version of SDRT, it is demonstrated that the “cancelling” of a presupposition by echoic negation in presupposition denials crucially depends upon the denial of information that is pragmatically communicated by accommodation.

The triviality argument against presentism

It is shown that three of the four premises of the Triviality argument are plausibly false, and it is concluded that Presentists have nothing to fear from the TriViality Argument.

On some recent moves in defence of doxastic compatibilism

It is argued that both Steup's and McHugh's strategies are problematic, by proposing that the freedom of belief be modelled not on theFreedom of action but on thefreedom of intention.

Forces in a true and physical sense: from mathematical models to metaphysical conclusions

It is argued that the principle of composition is a red herring: what’s really at issue are contrasting metaphysical views about how to interpret the science, and one of these views is a superior guide to real forces than the alternative.

Metaphysical and absolute possibility

The thesis that metaphysical possibility is absolute amount to is argued that, assuming that the thesis is not merely terminological, and lacking in any metaphysical interest, it is an article of faith.

Structured propositions and trivial composition

The basic desiderata is articulate: an account of structured propositions capable of explaining attitude attributions and of delivering a non-trivially compositional semantics, and it is shown that the two-stage semantics proposed by standard proponents of structured proposition does not satisfy these joint goals.

Concept originalism, reference-shift and belief reports

S&T try to tackle the problem of misleading belief reports by strengthening the sufficient condition for a truthful belief report, but it is argued that their solution fails, their diagnosis of the root of the problem is misguided, and the prospect of finding a solution to the problem within CO is dim.

No achievement beyond intention

This objection to Pritchard differs from those offered until now by Carter, Jarvis, Jarvis or Littlejohn in that it is based on the claim that cognitive performances may not be properly considered as achievements beyond the scope of the agent’s intentional action, an idea that confers more explanatory power on my argument, and contributes to stregthening links between knowledge and agency.

On cancellation

This paper answers objections to a theory of propositions that locates the source of propositional unity in acts of predication that people perform in thought and speech by explaining and defending the concept of cancellation.

Reverse formalism 16

A direct translation is introduced between a large class of theorems of Nonstandard Analysis and theorem rich in computational content (not involving NonStandard Analysis), similar to the ‘reversals’ from the foundational program Reverse Mathematics .