A Comparison of Vitamin A and Leucovorin for the Prevention of Methotrexate-Induced Micronuclei Production in Rat Bone Marrow

  title={A Comparison of Vitamin A and Leucovorin for the Prevention of Methotrexate-Induced Micronuclei Production in Rat Bone Marrow},
  author={Sampath Madhyastha and Latha V Prabhu and Vasudha V. Saralaya and Rajalakshmi Rai},
  journal={Clinics (Sao Paulo, Brazil)},
  pages={821 - 826}
INTRODUCTION Methotrexate, a folate antagonist, is a mainstay treatment for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It is also widely used in a low dose formulation to treat patients with rheumatoid arthritis. In rats, methotrexate is known to induce micronuclei formation, leading to genetic damage, while vitamin A is known to protect against such methotrexate-induced genetic damage. Leucovorin (folinic acid) is generally administered with methotrexate to decrease methotrexate-induced toxicity… Expand
Antigenotoxic effects of rutin against methotrexate genotoxicity in Swiss albino mice
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Intervention of alpha-lipoic acid ameliorates methotrexate-induced oxidative stress and genotoxicity: A study in rat intestine.
It is reported that LA pretreatment ameliorates MTX-induced intestinal toxicity in rat as evident from the protection against oxidative stress, decrease in DNA damage and protection of cellular morphology as well as improvement in the stool consistency and animal survival rate. Expand
The effects of pomegranate and carvacrol on methotrexate-induced bone marrow toxicity in rats.
White blood cell count, hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelet count were found to be decreased in the MTX group, but these changes were prevented in the groups that received CARV and PMG, and use of these antioxidants, in combination with chemotherapeutics, may help to reduce some adverse effects of methotrexate. Expand
Effect of methotrexate and vitamin A on NOR expression in seminiferous tubules of Wistar rats
Higher the dose of MTX, lesser the NOR count and lesser the irregularity of NORs, however VA co-administration reduces the damage produced by MTX. Expand
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Effect of Vitamin A as a Neoadjuvant Agent in Chemotherapy and Photodynamic Therapy of Rhabdomyosarcoma Cells.
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A systematic overview of the spermatotoxic and genotoxic effects of methotrexate, ganciclovir and mycophenolate mofetil
Data from human and animal studies indicate transient spermatotoxic and genotoxic potentials of immunosuppressive and cytotoxic doses of MTX, and studies investigating GCV and MMF are limited. Expand


The results of this study suggest that vitamin A protects against methotrexate induced genetic damage. Expand
Protective effect of folinic acid on low-dose methotrexate genotoxicity
Folinic acid has a protective affect against MTX genotoxicity in human as well as in animal models and in RA patients, folinic acid provides satisfactory improvement of MTX-induced genetic damage. Expand
Inhibition of methotrexate-induced chromosomal damage by folinic acid in V79 cells.
Results indicate that FA is capable of reducing the cytogenetic damage induced by MTX and appears to be an anticlastogenic agent. Expand
Mechanism of induction of micronuclei and chromosome aberrations in mouse bone marrow by multiple treatments of methotrexate.
The multiple-dose effects of MTX on the induction of micronuclei and chromosomal aberrations may be explained by the intracellular accumulation ofMTX resulting in an enhancement of enzyme inhibition. Expand
The genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of ribavirin in rat bone marrow.
It is suggested that ribavirin is genotoxic and cytotoxic agent for rat bone marrow by employing the micronucleus assay. Expand
Protective effects of vitamin A against the genotoxicity of NNK, a nicotine-derived N-nitrosamine.
Results showed that hepatocytes isolated from rats fed a vitamin A supplemented diets but without NNK treatment in vivo metabolized NNK less effectively than hepatocytes isolate from rats feeding aitamin A deficient diet (group B) (NNK metabolism was decreased by 0.5-fold in group C as compared to group B). Expand
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Adverse events in methotrexate-treated rheumatoid arthritis patients.
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the possible mechanisms responsible for toxicity due to MTX used at low weekly pulse doses for the treatment of RA, as well as the different toxic manifestations reported in the literature. Expand
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