A Comparison of Sexual Coercion Experiences Reported by Men and Women in Prison

  title={A Comparison of Sexual Coercion Experiences Reported by Men and Women in Prison},
  author={Cindy Struckman‐Johnson and David Struckman-Johnson},
  journal={Journal of Interpersonal Violence},
  pages={1591 - 1615}
Comparisons were made between self-reports from 382 men and 51 women who had experienced sexual coercion while incarcerated. Victim data were obtained from a sample of 1,788 male inmates and 263 female inmates who responded to an anonymous written survey distributed in 10 midwestern prisons. Men reported that their perpetrators in worst-case incidents were inmates (72%), staff (8%), or inmates and staff collaborating (12%). Women reported that their perpetrators were inmates (47%) and staff (41… 

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