A Comparison of Five Salish Languages: V

  title={A Comparison of Five Salish Languages: V},
  author={G. Reichard},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
  pages={239 - 253}
  • G. Reichard
  • Published 1959
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
6.5. Nominal incorporation is found in many Salish languages, but in none of the five here analyzed is it very extensively used. The nouns incorporated differ considerably, but the process is similar in Till and CA. The verb complex is the same as that for nominal suffixes, the noun taking the place of this kind of suffix and being followed by the pronominal suffixes. In Till and CA an element -al(-ae) connects the stem and noun. In Cheh and Kal the connective -al seems to be lacking except in… Expand


CA a > Kal e > Till ae > Cheh a > S-D o: talk
  • water CA sikwe?%, Kal s6ulkw (river, lake)
Till gaakal, gaqha-1, Cheh s-qwaya'il, qw-il; bark (of dog) CA wih, Kal uh(-em), Till wah(-an); between, middle CA -iw'res, Kal -eus, -e?us, Till -gas; bite, gnaw, chew CA kw'i?
  • Cheh sa'w; baby CA gu-gwax-til't, Kal I-oxt6(-lt)