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A Comparative Study of Learning Methodology between Cognitive And Psychomotor for Non-Dyslexia Person via Electroencephalogram (EEG)

  title={A Comparative Study of Learning Methodology between Cognitive And Psychomotor for Non-Dyslexia Person via Electroencephalogram (EEG)},
  author={N.Fuad and J. A. Bakar and E.M.N.E.M.Nasir and M.E.Marwan},
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Every action and decision makes by a person comes from the brain. This organ is the central processing unit (CPU) for a human. Electricity is used by the neurons which is the brain cells for communication between each other. From this activity, the presences of a few types of subbands are detected. The subbands are Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta. Each of the subbands has its own characteristic and when these subbands will be dominant depends on the action made by the person. One type of action is… 
Eye Blink Artefact Removal of Single Frontal EEG Channel Algorithm using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Outlier Detection
An alternative single-channel eye blink artefact removal method based on the ensemble empirical mode decomposition and outlier detection technique is proposed, which shows that the corrected EEG signal by the proposed method had better signal-to-artefact ratio.


Exploring the Difference in Brain Activities under Three Distinct Tasks: Listening to Music, Gaming, and Learning
This study conducted panel regression model to analyze the relationship between individual brainwave signals in association with the three different tasks and shown that the participants' tension, alertness or agitation under the Listening to Music, Gaming and Learning cannot be identified differently.
Modeling of cognition using EEG: A review and a new approach
Electroencephalogram is proposed to extract different features from visual, tactile, auditory and psychomotor stimuli to work on different cognitive aspects such as memory, emotion, arousal, fatigue and distraction and to investigate its affect on the EEG.
Three Dimensional EEG Model and Analysis of Correlation between Sub Band for Right and Left Frontal Brainwave for Brain Balancing Application
Results indicate that the proposed maximum PSD from 3D EEG model were able to distinguish the different levels of brain balancing indexes.
The conformity between brainwave balancing index (BBI) using EEG and psychoanalysis test
These findings (brainwave dominance and BBI) could be used as a straightforward indicator of one’s ability to think and work leading to vast opportunity for constructive human potential advancement.
A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
The Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: Cognitive Domain addresses Long-standing Problems in Classroom Instruction and the Structure, Specificity, and Problems of Objectives.
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