A Comparative Bibliography: Regulatory Competition on Corporate Law

  title={A Comparative Bibliography: Regulatory Competition on Corporate Law},
  author={Kagan Kocaoglu (Cahn Kojaolu)},
  journal={IO: Regulation},
This comparative bibliography compiles the contributions made by lawyers, economists, and judges on the role of regulatory competition on corporate laws. Academicians of American corporate law have discussed the effects of regulatory competition on corporate laws for over the last three decades. The span and the range of this continuing debate have brought a great deal of attention to this issue. Literature on theoretical framework of the regulation competition, corporate law federalism… 



Corporate Political Speech, Political Extortion, and the Competition for Corporate Charters

This article explores the policy bases for, and the political economy of, the law's long-standing discrimination against corporate political speech. This Article also explores the relevance of state

Federalism and the Corporation: The Desirable Limits on State Competition in Corporate Law

Corporate law scholars have long debated whether state competition for corporate charters is a "race for the bottom" or a "race for the top." This paper offers an analysis of the dynamics and

The State Competition Debate in Corporate Law

A perennial issue in corporate law reform is the desirability of a federal system. For notwithstanding the invasive growth of regulation by the national government, principally through the federal

Explaining the shape of corporate law: the role of competition

This paper reviews the effects of competition among jurisdictions for corporate chartering business on the shape of corporate law in the USA. It finds that competition has led to substantial

The Political Economy of Competition for Corporate Charters

  • W. Carney
  • Economics
    The Journal of Legal Studies
  • 1997
This article explores the forces that drive the creation of corporate law. Costly rent extractions in corporate laws by interest groups, beyond those attainable through market transactions, raise

Is Regulatory Competition a Problem or Irrelevant for Corporate Governance?

This article provides an analysis of why regulatory competition in corporate law has operated, for the most part, successfully in the United States, and critiques the position of commentators who are

The Structure of Regulatory Competition in European Corporate Law

In its opinions in the cases Centros, Überseering and Inspire Art, the ECJ has begun to open European corporate law for regulatory competition, as it has been discussed in the US for several decades.

The Modernization of Corporate Law: An Essay for Bill Cary

The business reality to which corporate law relates is constantly evolving. The author argues that in many critical areas, corporate statutory law has failed to evolve alongside that business

Competition for Corporate Charters and the Lesson of Takeover Statutes

In this Essay, Professor Romano considers the efficacy of competition among states for tax revenues generated by corporate charters. To this end, she focuses on how state takeover