A Compact Koch Fractal UWB MIMO Antenna With WLAN Band-Rejection

  title={A Compact Koch Fractal UWB MIMO Antenna With WLAN Band-Rejection},
  author={Shrivishal Tripathi and Akhilesh Mohan and Sandeep K. Yadav},
  journal={IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters},
In this letter, a compact octagonal shaped fractal ultrawideband multiple-input-multiple-output antenna is presented, and its characteristics are investigated. In order to achieve the desired miniaturization and wideband phenomena, self-similar and space filling properties of Koch fractal geometry are used in the antenna design. These fractal monopoles are placed orthogonal to each other for good isolation. Moreover, grounded stubs are used in the geometry to provide further improvement in the… CONTINUE READING
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