A Compact Anaesthetic Apparatus for Emergency Use.

  • Ian M Mackay
  • Published 1965 in Canadian Anaesthetists' Society journal


SINCE Woram WAR II there has been con, a compact, versatile anaesthetic apparatu famrhanty acineved by anaesthetists m Canada with the srmp!e but eflaclen t Ox greatly to this interest During the past few years emphasis on on tlns continent and the consequent ne~ coupled with the introduction of several thane is the most prominent and one of interest and has resulted in the mtroduq Planning for national survival has lec clinicians to search for a compact, rugg~ quantity and winch can prowde safe anac the hands of relatively untrained pelsom aged hospitals" by the Emergency Healt] Me&oil Serwces has lent further rmpetus Most of the apparatl developed have 1 not designed pnmaafly for emergency 1 emergency situation The best-known ap of Oxford Bellows and E M O Ether In porazer of World War II Tins combmata. of anaesthetists m many parts of the wor This paper describes an apparatus desi but also well adapted for ordinary use n able umt is desrrable It is designed to t of oxygen ff desrred and available and Inhaler ff a change to ether anaesthesm is Tins apparatus was designed by Cyp the work done by the Anaesthesia Depar .iderable interest m the development of s fol use m emergency isxtuataons The he armed forces of Grr Britain and oral Vaporizer Mark I has contributed

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