A Commentary on Loureiro's "Flora Cochinchinensis

  title={A Commentary on Loureiro's "Flora Cochinchinensis},
  author={Elmer Drew Merrill},
  journal={Transactions of The American Philosophical Society},
  • E. Merrill
  • Published 1 June 1935
  • Geology
  • Transactions of The American Philosophical Society
Taxonomic studies of Glochidion (Phyllanthaceae) from the Indo-China Peninsula (II): The identities of G.anamiticum and G.annamense
The names Glochidionanamiticum (Kuntze) Kuntze ex Merrill and G.annamense Beille were previously reduced to synonyms of G.eriocarpum Champ. ex Benth. However, literature examination and morphological
Names of Assam tea: Their priority, typification and nomenclatural notes
Various names have been used for Assam tea and they are typified here. The currently widely used name, Camellia sinensis var. assamica, is a combination based on Thea viridis var. assamica, not “T.
Redescription of the suspended aquatic Utricularia aurea Lour. (sect. Utricularia) and a new species U. adamsii for northern Australia
A molecular phylogeny based on two plastid and the nuclear ITS sequences for members of the subgenus Utricularia representing U. aurea Lour provides strong support for recognition of a new species UtricularIA adamsii R.W. muelleri Kamienski, and a description of the new species.
Annotated checklist ofSenegaliaandVachellia(Fabaceae: Mimosoideae) for the Indian subcontinent
An annotated checklist of Senegalia Raf. and Vachellia Wight & Arn. taxa for the Indian subcontinent is presented, following the fragmentation and retypification of the former broadly defined genus
Synopsis of the genus Vitex (Lamiaceae) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • P. Meerts
  • Biology
    Plant Ecology and Evolution
  • 2018
The genus Vitex is revised for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in order to prepare the treatment of the genus for the Flore d’Afrique Centrale, and nine new synonyms are proposed.
Systematic Position, Phylogeny, and Taxonomic Revision of Indian Ocimum
The present article presents the detailed taxonomic description as well as phylogenetic relationships among the Indian Ocimum species.
The Ocimum Genome
Basil, Ocimum Spp, (Family Labiatae), is a herbaceous, erect, annual important aromatic plant, which attains the height of about 80– 100 cm. The leaves of the plant are dark green or yellowish green