A Collective Description of-Electron Interactions: III. Coulomb Interactions in a Degenerate Electron Gas

  title={A Collective Description of-Electron Interactions: III. Coulomb Interactions in a Degenerate Electron Gas},
  author={David S. Pines},
  journal={Physical Review},
  • D. Pines
  • Published 1 November 1953
  • Physics
  • Physical Review
The behavior of the electrons in a dense electron gas is analyzed quantum-mechanically by a series of canonical transformations. The usual Hamiltonian corresponding to a system of individual electrons with Coulomb interactions is first re-expressed in such a way that the long-range part of the Coulomb interactions between the electrons is described in terms of collective fields, representing organized "plasma" oscillation of the system as a whole. The Hamiltonian then describes these collective… 

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