A Co-inference Approach to Robust Visual Tracking

  title={A Co-inference Approach to Robust Visual Tracking},
  author={Ying Wu and Thomas S. Huang},
Visual trackan,g cou,ld be treeted as a param,eter estim.ation. problem, of target representastion based on observations in im,age sequ.ences. A rich,er target represen,tation, would i n c w better ch,ances of successfd tracking in cluttered a n d dyn.a.m.ic en,viron,m,ents. However, th,e dim,ensionmlity of target's state space also increase.s m,&inlg tracking a formlidable estim,ation problem. I n this paper; the problem, of trncking and integmtin,g m,vltied in, n probabilistic fra,m,ework and… CONTINUE READING
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