A Clockwork Wikipedia: From a Broad Perspective to a Case Study

  title={A Clockwork Wikipedia: From a Broad Perspective to a Case Study},
  author={Omer Benjakob and Rona Aviram},
  journal={Journal of Biological Rhythms},
  pages={233 - 244}
While research has shown that scientists use Wikipedia and that scientific content on Wikipedia ramifies back into scientific literature, many questions remain on how the two sides interact and through what paradigm this dynamic may be best understood. Using the circadian clock field as a case study, we discuss this scientific field’s representation on Wikipedia. We traced the changes made to the articles for “Circadian clock” and “Circadian rhythm” and reviewed the debates that informed them… 
Citation needed? Wikipedia bibliometrics during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
How scientific research interacts with the digital knowledge-sphere during the COVID-19 pandemic provides insight into how Wikipedia can facilitate access to science and how this unique model may be deployed in other contexts.
Citation needed? Wikipedia and the COVID-19 pandemic
An in-depth analysis of the scientific backbone supporting Wikipedia’s COVID-19 articles revealed how preexisting articles on key topics related to the virus created a framework on Wikipedia for integrating new knowledge, and revealed how citations create a web of scientific knowledge to support coverage of scientific topics like CO VID-19 vaccine development.
Citation needed? Wikipedia bibliometrics during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
Understanding how scientific research interacts with the digital knowledge-sphere during the COVID-19 pandemic provides insight into how Wikipedia can facilitate access to science.
Does Wikipedia Cover the Relevant Literature on Major Innovations Timely? An Exploratory Case Study of CRISPR/Cas9
This research-in-progress paper analyzes Wikipedia’s representation of the Nobel Prize winning CRISPR/Cas9 technology to explore to what extent and with what temporal dynamics Wikipedia cites the
Ten simple rules for designing learning experiences that involve enhancing computational biology Wikipedia articles
Mentored contributions from students to open platforms like Wikipedia offer opportunities for improved rigor, quality, depth, and reliability of the information indexed and make it relatable to a wide audience.


Science Is Shaped by Wikipedia: Evidence From a Randomized Control Trial
“I sometimes think that general and popular treatises are almost as important for the progress of science as original work.” - Charles Darwin, 1865. As the largest encyclopedia in the world, it is
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This study addresses the issue of little consensus on many aspects of Wikipedia's content as an encyclopedic collection of human knowledge by systematically reviewing 110 peer‐reviewed publications on Wikipedia content, summarizing the current findings, and highlighting the major research trends.
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Findings provide evidence is that a major consequence of open access policies is to significantly amplify the diffusion of science, through an intermediary like Wikipedia, to a broad audience.
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Using the cumulative data of 34 Wikipedias in different languages, the universalities and differences in temporal activity patterns of editors are characterized and the geographical distribution of editors for each WP in the globe is estimated.
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This work builds up samples of controversial and peaceful articles and analyze the temporal characteristics of the activity in these samples, and identifies three distinct developmental patterns for the overall behavior of the articles.
Learning Chronobiology by Improving Wikipedia
46 students in a university course edited Wikipedia to enhance public access to important discoveries in chronobiology and report significantly increased comfort with reading, critiquing, and summarizing primary literature and benefited from seeing their work edited by other scientists and editors of Wikipedia.
On ranking controversies in wikipedia: models and evaluation
Three models are proposed to identify controversial articles in Wikipedia, namely the Basic model and two Controversy Rank (CR) models, which draw clues from collaboration and edit history instead of interpreting the actual articles or edited content.
Circadian rhythms persist without transcription in a eukaryote
Non-transcriptional mechanisms are sufficient to sustain circadian timekeeping in the eukaryotic lineage, although they normally function in conjunction with transcriptional components, and oxidation of peroxiredoxin proteins is identified as a transcription-independent rhythmic biomarker, which is also rhythmic in mammals.
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Circadian Clocks in Human Red Blood Cells
It is found that peroxiredoxins, highly conserved antioxidant proteins, undergo ∼24-hour redox cycles, which persist for many days under constant conditions (that is, in the absence of external cues) and are entrainable and temperature-compensated, both key features of circadian rhythms.