A Classification of BPEL Extensions

  title={A Classification of BPEL Extensions},
  author={Oliver Kopp and Katharina G{\"o}rlach and Dimka Karastoyanova and Frank Leymann and Michael Reiter and David Schumm and Mirko Sonntag and Steve Strauch and Tobias Unger and Matthias Wieland and Rania Khalaf},
The Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) has emerged as de-facto standard for business processes implementation. This language is designed to be extensible for including additional valuable features in a standardized manner. There are a number of BPEL extensions available. They are, however, neither classified nor evaluated with respect to their compliance to the BPEL standard. This article fills this gap by providing a framework for classifying BPEL extensions, a classification of… CONTINUE READING
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