A Class of Algorithms for Time-Frequency Multiplier Estimation

  title={A Class of Algorithms for Time-Frequency Multiplier Estimation},
  author={Ana{\"i}k Olivero and Bruno Torr{\'e}sani and Richard Kronland-Martinet},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing},
We propose here a new approach together with a corresponding class of algorithms for offline estimation of linear operators mapping input to output signals. The operators are modeled as multipliers, i.e., linear and diagonal operator in a frame or Bessel representation of signals (like Gabor, wavelets ...) and characterized by a transfer function. The estimation problem is formulated as a regularized inverse problem, and solved using iterative algorithms, based on gradient descent schemes… Expand
Within this paper a method for morphing audio signals is presented. The theory is based on general frames and the modification of the signals is done via frame multiplier. Searching this frameExpand
Time-Frequency Fading Algorithms Based on Gabor Multipliers
The closed-form solution of the problem which involves Gabor multipliers, i.e. linear operators of the pointwise product by a time-frequency transfer function called a mask is obtained and the efficiency of the proposed approach is demonstrated on several audio signals where the perturbations are filtered while leading to a good quality of signal reconstruction. Expand
A Survey on the Unconditional Convergence and the Invertibility of Frame Multipliers with Implementation
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Commutative properties of invertible multipliers in relation to representation of their inverses
  • D. Stoeva, P. Balázs
  • Mathematics
  • 2017 International Conference on Sampling Theory and Applications (SampTA)
  • 2017
Recently frame multipliers and in particular their invertibility became an important subject of research. In particular, it was shown that given an invertible frame multiplier, a particular dualExpand
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Gabor Analysis and Algorithms: Theory and Applications
The duality condition for Weyl-Heisenberg frames, A.J.E.M. Janssen Gabor systems and the Balian-Low theorem, John J. Benedetto et al A Banach space of test functions for Gabor analysis, Hans G.Expand