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A Clarification on the Debate on "the Original Schwarzschild Solution"

  title={A Clarification on the Debate on "the Original Schwarzschild Solution"},
  author={Christian Corda},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
  • C. Corda
  • Published 28 October 2010
  • Physics
  • arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology
Now that English translations of Schwarzschild's original paper exist, that paper has become accessible to more people. Historically, the so-called "standard Schwarzschild solution" was not the original Schwarzschild's work, but it is actually due to J. Droste and, independently, H. Weyl, while it has been ultimately enabled like correct solution by D. Hilbert. Based on this, there are authors who claim that the work of Hilbert was wrong and that Hilbert's mistake spawned black-holes and the… 
The Schwarzschild Solution: A Reply to C. Corda's Rebuttal
In 2011 a paper by C. Corda was published in the Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics (A Clarification on the Debate on “the Original Schwarzschild Solution'', EJTP 8, No. 25 (2011) 65-82). On
On Corda's 'Clarification' of Schwarzschild's Solution
Then, before launching into his modifications of Schwarzschild's equations, Corda stated, again on page 70, Abstract A paper by C. Corda (A Clarification on the Debate on “the Original Schwarzschild
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It is well known that the concept of black hole has been considered very fascinating by scientists even before the introduction of Einstein's general relativity. They should be the final result of an
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Abhas Mitra who is by profession, a nuclear physicist and learnt general relativity on his own, had tried to represent multiple maiden proofs of why trapped surface shouldn’t form or why shouldn’t
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In this paper, we explore the possibility that black holes and Space could be the geometrically Compactified Transverse Slices (”CTS”s) of their higher (+1) dimensional space. Our hypothesis is that
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Some recent important results on black hole (BH) quantum physics concerning the BH effective state and the natural correspondence between Hawking radiation and BH quasi-normal modes (QNMs) are
Mass inversion in a critical neutron star : An alternative to the black hole model
Abstract: In this first part, we present a documented historical background about the Schwarzschild solution to the field equations of general relativity, as originally considered by Karl
Perihelion advance for orbits with large eccentricities in the Schwarzschild black hole
We deduce a new formula for the perihelion advanceof a test particle in the Schwarzschild black hole by applying a newly developed non-linear transformation within the Schwarzschild space-time. By
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Use of super-radiance in BH physics, so specifies conditions for a mass of a graviton being less than or equal to 1065 grams, allows for determing what role additional dimensions may play in removing


David Hilbert and the origin of the "Schwarzschild solution"
The very early dismissal of Schwarzschild's original solution and manifold, and the rise, under Schwarzschild's name, of the inequivalent solution and manifold found instead by Hilbert, are
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Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? These are just some of the questions considered in an internationally acclaimed
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A quasiblack hole is an object in which its boundary is situated at a surface called the quasihorizon, defined by its own gravitational radius. We elucidate under which conditions a quasiblack hole
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Schwarzschild's actual exterior solution (${g}_{\mathrm{S}}$) is resurrected, and together with the manifold ${M}_{0}={R}^{4}\ensuremath{-}{r=0}$ is shown to constitute a space-time possessing all
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