• Computer Science
  • Published 2005

A Churn-Resistant P2P-System Based on the Pancake Graph

  title={A Churn-Resistant P2P-System Based on the Pancake Graph},
  author={Joest Smit and Roger Wattenhofer and Fabian Kuhn and Stefan Schmid},
Since many years, peer-to-peer systems are very popular and the number of their users is still increasing. Also in the research of computer science, this topic has achieved much attention. The analysis of fault tolerant P2P-systems mostly covers random joins and leaves in a static model, i.e. a P2P system tolerates a number of simultaneous random faults. However, in real P2P system, the set of peers connected to the system, continuously changes. For this, a dynamic model seem to be more… CONTINUE READING


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