A Church of Two Steeples: Catholicism, Labor, and Ethnicity in Industrial New England, 1869–90

  title={A Church of Two Steeples: Catholicism, Labor, and Ethnicity in Industrial New England, 1869–90},
  author={Patrick Lacroix},
  journal={The Catholic Historical Review},
  pages={746 - 770}
  • P. Lacroix
  • Published 1 October 2016
  • History
  • The Catholic Historical Review
Abstract: Drawing evidence from militant ethnic newspapers, historians have long known of conflict between Irish Americans and the French Canadians of New England in the nineteenth century. Alternative sources now bring greater clarity to this multifaceted struggle. Diocesan correspondence and documents from press outlets unassociated with the two communities further emphasize French Canadians’ attempts to resist assimilationist forces but better define the source of such assimilationist… 

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