A Checklist of Fissidens species (Musci: Fissidentaceae) of Nepal

  title={A Checklist of Fissidens species (Musci: Fissidentaceae) of Nepal},
  author={Nirmala Pradhan and Sanu Devi Joshi},
  journal={Our Nature},
This paper includes 42 species and 7 varieties of Fissidens recorded from Nepal. The distribution of this genus in various geographical areas within the altitudinal range of 100 m to 3400 m has been mentioned. Fissidens sylvaticus var. calcuttense Gangulee, Fissidens sylvaticus var. auriculatus (C. Muell.) Gangulee and Fissidens strictus Hook. & Wilson have been recorded for the first time in Nepal. Keywords: Fissidens , Bryophytes, Mosses, Conservation doi:10.3126/on.v4i1.504 Our Nature Vol. 4… 

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