A Change of Heart: Moral Emotions, Transformation, and Moral Virtue

  title={A Change of Heart: Moral Emotions, Transformation, and Moral Virtue},
  author={Susan A. Stark},
  journal={Journal of Moral Philosophy},
Inspired in part by a renewed attention to Aristotle's moral philosophy, philosophers have acknowledged the important role of the emotions in morality. Nonetheless, precisely how emotions matter to morality has remained contentious. Aristotelians claim that moral virtue is constituted by correct action and correct emotion. But Kantians seem to require solely that agents do morally correct actions out of respect for the moral law. There is a crucial philosophical disagreement between the… Expand
Virtues and Vices in Positive Psychology: A Philosophical Critique
List of tables Acknowledgments 1. The personal, philosophical, educational, and historical contexts of positive psychology 2. Happiness and the virtues 3. Personality and the virtues 4. MoralExpand
Toward a reconciliation of virtue and freedom in contemporary political philosophy
Ever since the Enlightenment, modernity presented itself as a story of human emancipation and as a culture of freedom. In the history of the modern thought, freedom has been the master principle ofExpand
Be Sensible: Emotions in Social Work Ethics and Education
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Aquinas on the Emotions: A Religious-Ethical Inquiry
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A Way Out of the Dialectics of Love and Desire as the Clue to an Adequate Education of Desire
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Identity, emotion and the internal goods of practice: a study of learning disability professionals.
This paper addresses how changes in policy articulate with the identities of professionals who work in learning disability services and draws on MacIntyre's After Virtue to suggest that professionals have an emotionally based commitment to their work as well as to the people they work with. Expand
Exploring Moral Situations, Moral Emotions, and Moral Self as Predictors of Juvenile Delinquents' Global Self-Esteem
Shoplifting or theft, offenders'immature or mature emotional responses to shoplifting, and moral predictors of global self-esteem were explored. Phase 1 classified moral emotions by shopliftingExpand
Ethical implications of analyzing opinions, emotions and interactions in social media
  • V. Patti, R. Damiano, C. Bosco
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 Seventh International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction Workshops and Demos (ACIIW)
  • 2017
An holistic reflection on the opportunities and risks brought about analysing human expressions in interaction is proposed, highlighting the need to acquire a new awareness of the possible non-ethical uses of automatic human-processing tools and the potential of their ethical uses. Expand
‘Drugs That Make You Feel Bad’? Remorse-Based Mitigation and Neurointerventions
It is claimed that the form of moral understanding that is incorporated into a genuinely remorseful response grounds remorse’s moral value, and that the remorse that such interventions might facilitate could also be authentic to the recipient of the neurointerventions that are discussed. Expand
La bioética ante el principio de la autonomía y el trauma histórico del colombiano: análisis fenomenológico desde las voces de quienes fueron impactados de manera directa e indirecta por el conflicto armado colombiano en Villavicencio
Colombia since 1960, is immersed in an armed conflict that has transcended more than three generations, in this sense it is the duty of a discipline such as Bioethics to contribute to theExpand