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A Cautious Prometheus ? A Few Steps Toward a Philosophy of Design

  title={A Cautious Prometheus ? A Few Steps Toward a Philosophy of Design},
  author={Bruno Latour},
The very spread of the word "design" from daily objects to cities and ecosystems, is taken here as a symptom of an interesting switch in the theory of action that has been typical of modernism. The paper review five connotations of the verb "to design" and analyze them as an alternative to the notion of "construction" and "fabrication". It then presents the work of Peter Sloterdijk has a crucial contribution to the philosophy of design. It shows especially how Sloterdijk' notion of… Expand
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The subject supposed to design
Abstract A new figure emerges within participatory design, that of a user subject, who not only participates in design processes, but who is to subsequently design-in-use on their own. Like ‘theExpand